Everyone has a male friend in his/her circle. If your male friend, father or brother is obsessed with gadgets, and you are running out of gift ideas. Don’t worry, here is the list of some really cool gadgets. These gadgets are really cool and are in affordable in the budget.

Smart Phone Sanitizer

With the current running epidemic COVID19, everyone knows the importance of cleanliness. In recent research, it has been discovered that our phone has a lot more bacteria and viruses as compared to our toilet scene. It’s so important to clean and sanitize our phone. If we were our hands and didn’t sanitize our phone probably, it’s foolishness. This phone sanitizer contains two germicidal UV bulbs that sanitize our entire phone. They are also scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of germs like bacteria and viruses. This unit also has a USB port and another port for charging. It’s a really cool gadget for men. A must buy the product.


Gamer Mouse

Males are usually very fond of gaming. Intense moments or lag-time, a mouse can be a tool to define win or lose. Top eSports players trust this gaming mouse. G900 Chaos Spectrum has ultra-quick speed, and it’s lag-free and wireless. It has excellent accuracy. It is compatible with both desktop computer and or any laptop. What’s better than this gaming mouse to gift men?


Google Wi-Fi System

Whenever you are doing important work or assignment online, Wi-Fi disconnects, it happens with every internet user. To avoid this problem, Google Wi-Fi system is a good option. It provides you with high-speed signals in every corner of the room. It’s a lot more comfortable than ever to share a password with the help of the companion app. With the help of the companion app, you can also check who is connected etc. Surely it is one of the best gadgets to gift men.


Language Translator

If your male friend is fond of traveller, it’s an excellent gadget for him. Language translator never lets you down when it comes to talking with people speaking a foreign language or when you travel foreign. It is supported by 106 languages. With Language Translator no more language hurdle now. This gadget not only is a voice translator, but it also translated words. It has OCR camera of the T9 translator support 44 languages for photo translation. Words can be translated without input with this OCR. Great gadget!


Solar Charger

Outdoor and phone ran out of charging? It happens quite often. You no need to worry about phone charging while being outside. This solar charger can charge the phone with solar energy when you are out. This solar charger is waterproof and is compatible with Go Pro camera Android and IOS devices. It is a great device to have on hand, and it takes almost 30 hours to charge fully. This device will be quite helpful to your nature-loving and adventure fond friend.



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