If someone offers you something for free, will you refuse? No!

To improve your site SEO is one of the essential things to consider. To rank higher in search engine result pages, you can use some free tools. On must be very careful while using SEO tools that save your time and give you better results, so here is the list of some hand-picked SEO tools that will help you to rank higher


Here is the list!


Search Console

Search Console is one of the most useful SEO tools; it’s very tough to do modern SEO without using Google’s Search Console. It provides you with most trustable information about how Google ranks your site. You can also use it to find some reliable keyword data.

Get it from here: Search Console


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is believed to be one of the most widely used analytics packages on earth. It is entirely free and easy to use.

It gives you reports about website traffic. It was launched in 2005

Get it from here: Google Analytics


Disavow Tool

If you want to remove backlinks from your site, this tool is definitely for you. It removes all the backlinks and penalties that badly effect. While using this tool, you must be careful about disavowing the right link. It fights negative SEO.

Get it from here: Disavow Tool


Data Studio

To merge data, visualize and share from different sources like (Search Console and Google Analytics) data studio is the best tool. It is easy to use.

Get it from here: Data Studio


Answer The Public

To generate a massive amount of topic and questions. Answer the Public is one of the best sites. It quickly provides you with a lot of questions that you can use for your blogs. From any keyword to hundreds of questions, Answer the Public is a go-to tool.

Get it from here: Answer The Public


Keyword Hero

Want to find lost keyword data? Keyword hero uses advanced mathematics and machine learning to solve the problem of missing keyword data. It’s not perfect, but if you are struggling to match the keywords to conversion or other on-site metrics, you must use it. It is free up ton 2000 sessions per month.

Get it from here: Keyword Hero


Backlink Checker

If you are doing SEO site check up on a tight budget, you must use this tool. Ahrefs offer this tool. It has some limitations when compared to the paid tool, but you can still use it up to 100 links. It’s excellent for quick link checks.

Get it from here: Backlink Checker


Keyword Planner

It was built for folks who buy Google ads, but it is also smart to deliver a lot of useful information for SEO keyword planning. It has valuable functions like country filtering.

Get it from here: Keyword Planner


Keywords Everywhere

Great for SEO! It is an extension both for Chrome and Firefox, and it shows keyword suggestions with volume as you use the internet. It also works in Google search console. You must have it for keyword inspiration.

Get it from here: Keywords Everywhere


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