Have you noticed that your internet is slow these days? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, majority of the people in American And European countries are staying at home. So, the SpeedTest did a study on internet speed. The result clearly shows that due to the increase in internet traffic, the internet speed is decreasing.

Well, the effect of the coronavirus outbreak has increased in recent days. There is no vaccine or any kind of drug available to cope with this virus. So, the only way to stay safe is to stay at home. That is why; the majority of the population is spending lots of time in the house—the only way to spend their time at home in to use the internet. Hence, many people think that their speed is slow because many others are using the internet.

In the SpeedTest Study, the company have discussed how the outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting the networks. The report only includes information about Fixed broadband and Mobile. In recent weeks, the virus has affected hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and America. So, the governments have to lock down the country to control the spread of the virus as it is the only available weapon against coronavirus. Most of the people are staying at home and using the internet. In the first two weeks of March, there was a slight drop in the internet speed.

In the last week of March, internet speed has decreased. But not as much as it uses to during the Holiday period. However, the situation in Europe is the same in most of the countries except the Netherlands. They have noticed an increase in mobile internet speed.

WIFI Speed Test in European Countries

The WIFI speed test also shows that the speed of Fixed broadband is decreasing in Europe and America. However, the case is slightly different in Asian Countries, where the company have noticed an increase in internet speed. China is slowly getting rid of the COVID-19; there is a noticeable increase in the WIFI speed test results.

On the other hand, many mobile operators such as AT&T and Verizon are working on increasing the speed. Many streaming platforms such as Disney +, Apple TV +, Netflix, and YouTube are decreasing the video quality due to the increase in the traffic.

Why Internet Will Not Break During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Well, we know that internet is the invention of America, but it does not mean we have the best internet in the world. More people are using the internet to pass their time because they have enough free time. On the other hand, computer engineers are wringing their hands to make sure their network can handle the traffic. Even the CEO of Facebook admitted, “Just trying to keep the lights on”.

However, you do not need to worry, because the internet in America is prepared for the pandemic. However, it is bad news for some companies such as Facebook, because they may not handle the situation.


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