While 20% of the population of the world is under lockdown and everyone is working from home so you can have some problems with your internet speed. Most of the service providers in such a condition can’t respond, and due to this, most of us are facing issues with internet speed. Keeping social distancing in mind, you have to find a solution for yourself.

Here are some tricks that can help you to increase your internet speed effectively


Reposition your router

If your router is in the remote corner of the house, remove it from there and must reposition it. You can suffer from internet speed if Wi-Fi signals are not reaching you out. Place your router in the middle of your house or anywhere where you spend most of your time. If Wi-Fi signals are improved, your internet speed can increase.


Give your router a break

You can increase your internet speed by resetting your router. If you are facing severe problems with your internet speed, you might consider resetting your router every day.

Reset your modem too if it is separate.


Viruses and malware

Another big issue that affects internet speed is viruses. Regularly check for updates on your device and install the latest software to remove viruses. This scheme can help you to increase your internet speed. Rebooting your device can also clear specific malware (malicious software designed to damage your device)


Block ads

Most of the content providers on the internet display advertisements. Internet connection is disturbed by these advertisements also. These auto-play ads slow down your internet speed as they also consume you tariff Consider blocking these ads with any good ad blocker, it will give a boost to your internet speed.


Data cap

Restricting you to use a certain amount of data every month is known as a data cap. If you exceed your data cap, your internet connection is usually slowed down by ISP, and you notice it too. If you don’t know whether you have a data cap or not must check your bill, usually, it is mentioned on the bill. If you are using more than your data cap, every month, consider changing your data plan with a higher limit. It will boost your internet speed.


Clear your cache

If you don’t know about “cache” on your internet browser, you must know about it. When you visit any website and enter your information there, browsers collect information about you, maybe in the form of cookies. Those cookies are utilized to show you relevant advertisements. Some of us already know about this, consider clearing your cache like cookies it will give your system a breathe and will increase your internet speed.


Use Ethernet

Most of us Wi-Fi these days. Wireless connections are convenient and easy but usually are not that fast as compared to the Ethernet. Try using Ethernet to some devices like

  • Television
  • PlayStation
  • Desktop computer

Connecting these devices to Ethernet can have a positive effect on your internet speed.


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