There are lots of international TV shows that you can watch on Netflix. Some of them shows are being watched from all across the world. Many countries are producing their TV shows which you can watch on Netflix. However, one of the most popular international TV shows is Money Heist. It is a Spanish show named LA Casa de Papel. Netflix has aired three seasons so far and recently released Money heist season 04.

The story of this show run around eight robbers, led by Professor. The team of these eight robbers have stolen millions of euros from the Royal Mint of Spain in the first and second season. In season three, the team lead by the Professor has taken gold at the Bank of Spain.

The storyline and the acting of the show are very unusual. The season includes the events from the training before the main action. People were eager to watch the heist of the gang in season three. However, the season ended on a cliffhanger.

During the pandemic of coronavirus, I hope that you are too staying in your home. The show has released, and there is no best time to watch it on Netflix. If you have not yet seen this show, then you should start viewing from season one.

New Manager in Charge

As you know that the last season ended with unfortunate moments. Nairobi gets shot from a sniper and bleeding to death. So, the team now need a new person in charge.

Professor Has Declared War

One of the smartest people in the show is the Professor. The mastermind of the heist who is in love. As soon he knew that a co-worker shot Raquel, he declared war. Now, the gang is ready to kill or get killed. That twist in the story has created more interest in season 04.

Social Media

When Netflix announced, they are going to air the season on 3rd April. The money heist season 04 has become a trend on social media. People came up with their theories and predictions about the coming events. It has also increased the demand for Netflix accounts on social media. People are searching for free accounts so they can watch their favourite season.

There are lots of people searching on social media for a free Netflix account. Most of the people wonder whether these accounts work or not? Well, some of the people buy these accounts to giveaway to their subscribers or social media fans. These kinds of accounts do work, but they only giveaway limited accounts. On the other hand, there are websites who giveaway these accounts. Well, we do not advise browsing those sites, as they can have malware or spyware.

Moreover, many of them ask you to complete a survey and then provide you with fake account details. So, it is better to stay away from such websites. Social media giveaway is the best source for getting a free Netflix account.


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