Well, the money heist is the most popular and anticipated shows of Netflix. Due to the COVID-19 spread in all over the world, people are partially lockdown in their homes. This TV show comes as a saviour for all of these people. Recently, Netflix announced that its season 4 would be available to watch on 3rd of April. The new season includes eight episodes. It is a Spanish show, La casa de papel’s, and its English title is Money Heist. It is a fantastic season with lots of twists and turns as it is near its end. Furthermore, it is full of drama and explosive episodes. Last season ends with the news of Raquel still alive, and the Professor is on the run.

The cast of the TV show includes Ursula Corbero as Tokyo, Alvaro Morte as Professor, Alba Flores as Nairobi, Itziar Ituno as Raquel, Jamie Lorente Lopez as Denver, Darko Peric as Helsinki. Hovik Keuchkerian, Esther Acebo, Pedro Alonso, and Rodrigo de la Serna.

Money Heist Season 04 Leaked, what is the Truth Behind It?

As the season ends with a cliffhanger, people are very keen to know what will happen in the fourth season. Everyone has different predictions and theories in their minds. People are making plenty of forecasts such as the robbers have escaped the bank, no matter the police have surrounded them from all sides. People also believe that Nairobi survived in the season even though she was bleeding excessively. Raquel Murriil’s is working with the police for her freedom. But people think that police have shot her. You can also see that the Professor is struggling with robbers, even though he is a mastermind. However, the previous seasons were ended on a cliffhanger. It means that the new season will be full of chaos.

As you know that the series in a foreign language, but it is famous across the world. The reason is its amazing storyline, thrilling sequence, and brilliant acting. However, there are reports that the Tamil Rockers have spoiled the plans of Netflix. According to some reports, the season is leaked on torrent, but it is unclear whether the season is dub or in Spanish Audio. We do not think that it can affect Netflix as they already have subscribers. They all are paying monthly fees to enjoy their favorite show.

How is the Internet Helping the Team la casa de papel 04?

Well, the internet is not helping the team of casa de la papel. We strongly advise against the use of piracy websites. The first reason is that these websites include spyware and malware. Second and the big reason is that in this way you are discouraging the producers from making such quality content. The cast and writers of the show working hard to provide you with high-quality content. They should be paid for this season. By downloading from the piracy websites, you are not helping the producers of this excellent TV show.



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